Wesley Sneijder woedend op Turkse pers

Op Instagram reageert oud-Gala speler Sneijder WOEDEND op de Turkse pers.

Reden zijn geruchten die worden verspreid door Turkse glossy’s. De Turkse pers kwam als eerst met het verhaal dat Yolanthe en Wesley uit elkaar zijn. Dat bevestigt Wesley in ieder geval nu in zijn bericht.

De Turken gingen echter verder. Zij beweerden dat Yolanthe 19 miljoen euro heeft geëist van de voetballer. Wesley zou ‘maar’ 15 miljoen hebben overgemaakt.

Na de laatste berichten is hij er helemaal klaar mee. “I find it disgusting what the press is writing about me all bullshit and lies all the time,” vertelt hij. Volgens hem hebben zij nog steeds contact en eisen ze helemaal niks van elkaar. Verder gaat het volgens Wesley niemand aan wat er tussen hem en haar afspeelt.

Lees hier zijn bericht:

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I’m not gonna be nice anymore to all the bullshit people that are talking shit about Me and Yolanthe. Let me be very clear. First of all, yes we are not together anymore for a while now. No we are still not divorced yet. I made a lot of mistakes in our marriage. But that’s nobody’s business. That Yolanthe is still so good to me I respect so much. She takes care of our son every day AND ME even though we are not together. Second of all she doesn’t need anything from my part because she has her own. The Turkish press wrote she wanted 19 million and I gave her 15?! Haha you guys are getting crazier every time. If people would only know how the reality is. People without brains will always believe what they read. Just so you all know : Yolanthe didn’t ask me for anything and I will not ask her for anything. We don’t need each other’s money. This stories are all lies. I find it disgusting what the press is writing about me all bullshit and lies all the time and now this bullshit about her. I know we don’t need to respond to anything and I respect the mother of my child so much for staying so calm and taking all this shit. But I’m not like that. I don’t let people mess with my life all the time!!!

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